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Really enjoyed the 101 introductory class with Sabine. I will definitely be back.

- Becky, Courtenay, BC

Dear Sabine,

I write this letter to you from a place of Love, Peace and Joy!

For several years I have been in the grips of depression, at times so crushing that I have been hospitalized. I talked with many doctors and therapists. I took pills, lotions and potions, exercised and walked my dog. Slowly, slowly I felt just good enough to work again, but I knew in my heart that I just wasn’t better. I was pulling it off but I wasn’t enjoying my life.

By some miracle back in September of last year, I came across the website offering Kundalini classes, with a brief description of this type of yoga. Always being open to trying anything that might help me to feel better, I attended. I had no idea that this experience would lead me to this moment, of writing this letter and sharing my story.

After one class, I was hooked! Sabine, you helped me to see that if I committed to doing this practice every day for 40 days, it would change my life for the better and I tell you that it absolutely DID! After that initial 40 days, I felt like a new person. I have more energy, focus, motivation and drive. The light that I thought had gone out in my eyes, was now back and shining brighter than ever! Ever since that first Kundalini class in September, I have been practicing daily and continue to feel amazing.

I am now motivated to change my life in other ways, including losing the weight from years of emotional eating, as another wonderful benefit of Kundalini Yoga is that is stops cravings! I can happily tell you today that this practice has literally saved my life!

Sabine, if through this letter we can convince even one other person to commit to this practice to change their own life, I feel that we have succeeded. I thank you again with gratitude for being a great teacher and a great friend.

Many Blessings to you my friend,
Sat Nam

- Marilyn Penny

Since I started Yoga I have been to 10 different classes with different teachers, but you are the best teacher I met! In my one on one I learned more about yoga and my body than ever before. I finally know how, why I should keep up practicing yoga and how to do those poses correctly!

- C. H., Toronto

My dear Sabine,

......As you know, I deal with many medical challenges everyday; vertigo, arthritis, migraines, just to name a few.......
With your help, I've learned to use Kundalini to manage them as much as possible........
One of the biggest challenges I face from time to time is depression. I've battled it for many years and in the last while, I've been able to deal with it without the usual medication......
Sabine, I hope you know that I appreciate you and everything you've done for me. I will stay in touch.

With much love and respect,

- (A dedicated ongoing yoga student)

Hello Sabine! Thank you for the kind words. Liz seems to be loving practicing yoga with you. She is even more beautiful now then she was 2 months ago!! I hope she keeps it up she seems to really like it and I know it is nothing but positive for her. I am not in yoga and I must get back to the gym I have not gone for a while now. Well thanks for introducing yoga into Liz's life and good luck out west and in the future.

Take care

- Rob (husband of a dedicated yoga student 😀), Orangeville, ON

You've provided me with a new spiritual goal and that is to attempt to meditate, as I now know what it feels like to do so. Thank you.


- N.S, Niagara, ON

Thanks for sending me the links. Yesterday on my way to yoga, two minutes from my house, I saw 4 deer in a field. After yoga the night sky was spectacular. These two events never would have occurred if I didnt attend your class. For this and for your guidance, I am extremely grateful. Have a safe journey. Ill be feeling your energy while you are away. Namaste!

- Elisabeth

Liebe Sabine, auf diesem Wege ein wahnsinnig herzliches Dankeschön an dich und deinen Einsatz um meine Seelenheil. Ohne dich wäre vieles nicht mögliches gewesen. Danke für die Stärke die du mir wieder gebracht hast und das du so fest an mich geglaubt hast! Ich wünsche dir wo auch immer du gerade bist von Herzen ein wunderschönes und erfülltes 2016!

- AK

Sabine is a wonderful, joyful and inspiring yoga instructor.

- Andrea

An evening with Sabine at 3H Yoga helps to connect you with your inner space! Lovely way to spend an evening. Thank you Sabine.

- SH

Sabine Schulte is a one of a kind woman and a fantastic teacher. Being new to Yoga I did not know what to expect, however Sabine's wonderful attitude made me feel totally comfortable. She is very motivating, patient and has a great way to explain the meaning behind every pose and mantra. It was a fun class and I am looking forward to the next one! I would recommend Sabine to anyone, new or experienced!

- Larissa

Sabine made my first yoga experience very comfortable. Her knowledge and easy-going manner made we want to come back for more!

- Liz D.

A number of months ago, I challenged myself to complete a personal goal and have every intention of seeing it through. I must admit however, that I have had some setbacks, all due to my lack of motivation, energy and yes, perhaps some self doubt. It is with the guidance and compassion you have given me, that I will continue my journey in Kundalini Yoga to help me achieve this goal and grow - body, mind and spirit.

Sat Nam

- Iva

I thoroughly enjoyed my 90 minute session with Sabine. Being new to yoga I learnt a lot from her one on one approach. Breaking down the poses and allowing me to understand the meaning behind everything. I felt great after my session and would definitely do it again. I would highly recommend 3 H yoga! Thank you Sabine!

- Katelynn

A very tranquil location and Sabine has an authentic passion for yoga and wellness!

- I.C.

Workshop Feedback

I was apprehensive of a 4 hr workout, but it was as much a mental as physical workout. I'm happy I accepted the challenge. I look forward to learning and growing with Sabine' s guidance and encouragement!

- Liz D.

After Class Impressions

"I feel amazing........and so light.......just like walking on clouds"

"I feel better now!..... Thank you!"

"That was so lovely!"

"What a great work out! I feel every muscle in my body!"

"This Kriya had some really good stretches. I really needed those today!"

"My favourite part at tonight's class was the meditation!"

"I had a wonderful, relaxing experience.
I am open to add more - trying new postures, explore deeper."

"I feel calm and eager to share my experience with my family. "

"Several of the stretches pushed me to the limit but I was happy that I was able to complete the exercise for the most part."

"I was able to relax and tune in to my own body."

"I feel completely calm - Nothing is bothering me - Very energetic - An abundance of energy!"

"Tension reduced - feeling calm - a clear mind - grounded."

"Listening to the lovely Sabine laugh - what a joyous sound. Warms the heart."

"Calm & relaxed"

Audio Feedback