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Holistic Medicine in Courtenay

Defining R.H.N. - Registered Holistic Nutritionist

As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist I am professional trained (Graduate of the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, ON) in natural nutrition and complementary therapies. My principle function as a R.H.N. is to educate individuals and groups about benefits and health impact of optimal nutrition.

Defining “Holistic Healing”

Holistic healing recognizes that your health is dependent on the interaction of body, mind and soul. To restore good health it is very important to consider both emotional and physical symptoms.

Holistic treatments I am offering:

Every person is unique and requires individualized treatments such as:

Kinesiology, Brain Gym, Touch for Health, Meridian Therapy, APM (Acupuncture Massage Therapy to Penzel), Reflexology, Energy Work, Stress Management, Nutritional Education, Herbal Medicine, Homeopathy, Flower Essences, Meditation, Visualization and Mental Coaching.

I am well trained in all the above mentioned treatments and will individually choose the best suiting “healing tool” for you!

What is the aim of my work?

Teaching you to listen to the signs your body gives you, to free yourself from acute and chronic complaints.

When is Holistic Healing an option?

Modern society attributes to increased tension and extreme disharmony in the trinity of body, mind and soul, which results in stress.

You will find that many areas of your life are controlled by stress:

  • Work
  • Relationships
  • Family matters
  • Life skill questions
  • Finding your life purpose
  • Burn-Out-Syndrome
  • Addictions
  • Weight issues
  • Sleeping disorders
  • Allergies
  • Learning blocks
  • Concentration difficulties
  • Hyperactivity
  • Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)
  • Fear
  • Phobia
  • Obsession
  • Pain
  • Trauma /Post Traumatic Stress Disorders
  • Lack of self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Lack of joy
  • Rapid aging
  • Physical symptoms lacking a medical explanation

How does “Kinesiology” and related “Meridian Therapy” work?

Kinesiology has its roots in Chinese Medicine. Since 5000 years east medicine works with this energy concept to provide holistic health. In the 60’s an American Chiropractor Dr. Georg Goodheart discovered that after a specific treatment of special acupuncture of reflexology points, weak muscles will become strong again. As well, your life energy, called “Qi” can flow unblocked through our energy lines (“Meridians”), which provide your whole body system with precious energy. An unblocked flow of Energy is the basis of a healthy life full of energy and joy.

Who can benefit from a consultation?

If you care about yourself and are ready to listen to your own body, you will find a consultation beneficial. It’s time to take responsibility in your own hands to live a pain-free, stress-free and more fulfilled life.

Can children benefit from a consultation?

Absolutely! Children and students, who are suffering from stress related disorders such as: learning difficulties, ADD, hyperactivity, eating disorders, anxiety, bedwetting, stuttering etc. “Flower remedies” are harmless but powerful! They are completely non-toxic and have no side effects and are very helpful for people with sensitivities like children. The correct “Flower remedies” will be selected according to your body’s feedback (muscle testing) or intuitively chosen. Especially kids are great in listening to their intuition. Learning difficulties, dyslexia, dyscalculia and exam nerves can be reduced in varied and fun way suitable for children such as: special brain integration exercises called Brain Gym and visualization- and relaxation exercises. The fun of learning will return in a short time and with renewed effort and a positive attitude.